Halloween Party Ideas! (Part 1)

“What makes night within us may leave stars.” – Victor Hugo. Halloween brings to light our dark side, inner badass, witch, sexpot, queen, clown, alien, superhero, spirit animal… virtually any fantasy we wish to explore. Planning for the costume party is half the fun! So if you’re throwing a monster mash, passing out sweets, going to a bash, or just haunting your lair, read on for Halloween tricks and treats I’ve curated for you. I’ll also cover the astro energy forecast for this week. (p.s. the decorative Grimoire Book of Magic above can be found here).

Crafting Halloween decor totally puts you in the spooky spirit! Try making these eerie spirits using styrofoam mannequin heads and cheesecloth ~ BOO!

Ghostly How-to Halloween Decor, marthastewart.com


Perfect tablescape for a Halloween party, Masquerade Ball, or Victorian Vampire soiree. Bewitching and elegant!

Elegant Goth Tablescape for Halloween, cocokelley.com


You’ll be a mysterious enchantress in this black butterfly masquerade mask.

Black butterfly filigree mask, by Glamorousgala on Etsy


Suit, mask, done!

Mens black masquerade mask, by fancygoods on Etsy


This mask is fucking cool…and weird…

Rainbow haute couture mask, by Crypticnine on Etsy


For you wicked vamps, a Victorian-style red satin evening gown (and blood-smeared lips).

Handmade red satin evening gown, by BoxcarBoutiqueLLC on Etsy


For the kids, this Victorian vampire costume is historically on-point and chilling.

Victorian vampire costume for children, by HeritageCostumes on Etsy


Kids at heart will dig this comfy Unicorn costume!

Unicorn Halloween costume, by BlamoToys on Etsy


Your furry friend will probably want to be a unicorn too!

Halloween Unicorn Hat for your pet, by DandoisLionDeLights on Etsy


Steady hand with paint or makeup? Draw a spider crawling out of your mouth, scary!

Spider crawling out of mouth makeup


Passing out candy? Place this life size (needle felted) tarantula by the door, watch as panic ensues.

Life size needle felted tarantula spider, by ShimaFiberArt on Etsy


Set the food and drinks around this frighteningly realistic life size stone skull, hand carved from a huge piece of clear Brazilian Quartz Crystal!

Life Size Quartz Crystal Skull, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


This ghastly appetizer is super simple to whip up: form cream cheese into a bone shape, place on top of a glop of pepper jelly and serve with crackers. BONE appétit!

Cream cheese “bone” with pepper jelly, countryliving.com



It’s just not Halloween without treats. This spooky and festive Ouija board cake is easier to make than you think with these instructions (see #7 in the slideshow for how-to and recipe).

Ouija Board Halloween Cake


Pick your poison: a gross-looking Bloody Brain Shooter…

Bloody Brain Shooter, hgtv.com


…or a Liquefied Ghost Cocktail!

Liquefied Ghost Cocktail


halloween meme


I could go on and on (Halloween is so much fun) but I’m saving some ideas to do a Part 2 next week! Ok, here’s this week’s astro energy currents: Today (10/4) the Libra Sun is in a harmonic sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a great day to get shit done with ease. You’ll feel highly disciplined and your mind will be operating like a steel trap. This focused concentration will flow into tomorrow’s square (90 degree angle) of Mars in Capricorn to Jupiter in Libra. This aspect is very energetic and will get us fired up for success, but beware of a competitive and highly confident streak that may cause us to overextend and make promises we can’t keep. Also on Wednesday, Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, which will give many the urge to unwind that night with a bedroom tryst. This transit brings extraordinarily intense emotions, however, so if you were just looking for a quickie, forget it. Sex will be deep and almost mystical. On Friday (10/7), the Libra Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn. You may be challenged by a colleague or know-it-all that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Stay high-vibe and put up a protective shield of white light around you. Also on that day, Mercury enters Libra for three weeks, ushering in more peace and love vibes to Libra season. Mercury will add charm and wit to our words, buzzing from party to party, flirting and canoodling, and engaging in lighthearted debates. Good times ahead!

Check back next week for Part 2 of Halloween Party Ideas! Feel free to share this post and dance along to Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo!


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