Quartz Crystals and a Black Moon

Ubiquitous and beautiful, Quartz crystals are one of Mother Earth’s finest creations. It’s the second most abundant mineral. The name comes from the German word “quarz” (Slavic origin); some sources say it originally came from the Saxon word Querkluftertz, meaning “cross-vein ore”. Quartz has been used for thousands of years as stone tools, jewelry, carvings, vases and vessels. Pictured above is an antique Tibetan Buddist kapala ritual bowl that was made from a thick slab of quartz crystal. There are a lot of varieties of quartz… let’s check some out in more detail. Oh, and I’ll talk about the upcoming Black Moon and astrology transits later in this post!

These little babies are a personal favorite of mine: herkimer diamond crystals! We love hand sorting the best of the sparklies for our talented jewelry designer customers! “Herkimer diamonds” are found throughout the world, but are named after the double-terminated quartz crystals discovered in and around Herkimer County, New York:

AAA herkimer diamond crystals, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Metaphysical properties for these beauties: Double terminated quartz points represent balance, and remind us of the need to both give and take. The double points facilitate deep meditation and vivid dream states. Quartz crystal purifies the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. It helps to harmonize one’s cognition, consciousness, and emotions. Quartz is a stone of power, and amplifies body energy and intuition. The gem can balance and energize all the chakras, especially the crown. Herkimer diamonds clear the chakras, opening the channels for spiritual energy to flow. My mother was born with a veil over her face and told me I would be “dripping in diamonds”. Guess she meant herkimer diamonds… 🙂


Quartz grows in interesting shapes, too! Scepter quartz crystals have a natural rod attached to the base of the main crystal, forming a wand. Magick practitioners use them for directing focused intent, actualizing visions, and encouraging bold action. The one of a kind piece below is from Inner Mongolia:

Scepter Quartz Crystal Cluster, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


The Smoky Quartz mineral specimen below is also a great example of an Elestial crystal, known for growing in the naturally layered ridges and terminations covering the crystal. I think this piece would look amazing in a contemporary style home or office. Smoky quartz is a powerful crystal that dissolves negative energy and transforms it into positive feelings and a joy for life. This stone is very grounding and provides a protective barrier around the crystal’s user. During meditation, smoky quartz can facilitate quick access from the alpha to the beta state. Elestial Quartz aligns the emotions with the intellect and can cause fast transformations.

Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Speaking of Smoky Quartz, the multiple natural shades of brown do a perfect ombre effect on these handmade smoky quartz and clear quartz earrings:

Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz Earrings, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


A Phantom Quartz occurs when earlier crystals become enveloped by newer growing crystals. This occurs over millions of years. This quartz crystal sphere has chlorite phantoms inside! Chlorite symbolizes health, growth, and new life. The mineral purifies the environment of anger and hostility by dissipating the vibration. Chlorite is considered among the best energetic healing aids. Phantom stones symbolize growth and change, teaching us about the fractal nature of the universe and how it builds upon earlier forms. Phantom quartz shows us how the inner development of self is the foundation for outer manifestation in the physical world.

Quartz Crystal and Chlorite Phantom Sphere, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Rose Quartz is a beloved variety of quartz. The natural pretty pink color is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, and/or manganese. Metaphysical properties: Rose quartz is a stone of love. It’s a powerful healing crystal that can deepen your capacity for compassion, and can be used to draw romantic love to you as well. Meditating with this mineral can open and heal the heart chakra. The stone brings calmness and harmony to the mind and emotions.

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Another popular variety of quartz is Amethyst. The soothing color is due to large amounts of iron as it was forming. The huge 4 lb. amethyst stone geode below is covered in lilac to deep purple amethyst crystal points, and it’s now specially priced at 20% off! Metaphysical properties: Amethyst emits a positive, loving energy and clears away any unkind vibrations. It calms the mind, balances emotions, and enhances spiritual awareness. The crystal is very useful for focused meditation, and is known for its healing energy. It raises consciousness and inspires compassion. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that can create feelings of perfect love and perfect peace. (p.s. All of the Metaphysical Properties are my original words that I wrote for Mineraliety, a site for mineral lovers!)

Amethyst Crystal Geode from Brazil, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Ok, ready for some astro-talk? Today (9/27) Mars enters Capricorn, where it’s exalted, meaning, the red planet thrives here: lots of energy will be channeled towards professional ambitions, with spectacular results; practicality, initiative and drive will be grounded on firm foundation; material desire, power coupling and sensual sex will be on the table (um, so to speak). Ignore the downer side of this transit: stuffing big emotions, wallowing in serious pessimism, and giving into self-righteous tendencies. On September 30, there will be a “Black Moon”, a term used to describe a second New Moon in a single month. It’s a sorta rare lunar event, occurring about once every 32 months. Magick practitioners believe that the unusual Black Moon is the second most potent time of the lunar cycle (after the Full, of course!) to achieve successful spells. The waning moon period between the full and the new is the time to release bad habits or negative influences. So this Black Moon will be a really powerful time to do magick work to remove an obstacle from your life that’s been keeping you from your highest good. You’ll only have a tiny window of time to do this; schedule and complete the banishing/cleansing ritual a few hours right before the New Moon in Libra, which begins at 8:11 p.m. EST (5:11 p.m. PST). The energy of the Libra New Moon will then swoop in like a refreshing breeze and help bring the balance back. Make your 10 New Moon intentions with the energy of Libra in mind: romance, relationships, peace and harmony, a work-life balance, art and culture, beauty, self-care, and did I say romance? 😉

Did you find this post interesting? Feel free to share! For your grooving pleasure, I leave you with Diamond Girl by Seals & Crofts…



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  1. Dayan Cameron

    This is the best written and entertaining article about crystals that i have ever read or seen!
    And to think!- these can be found and purchased on EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy website!
    Thank you for the wonderful educational service you are doing to help everyone honor Gaia’s gifts from within her earth.
    You are not only a talented writer but, the jewelry you fabricate is very elegant and the reverence for precious stones comes through with the careful, design arrangement and attention to glorious coloration!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments about our writing and jewelry! We really appreciate your feedback and thoughts 🙂 We love Gaia and her earth gifts, and hope this shines through with our work. Thanks again for reading and commenting on our blog!!

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