Happy Spring Equinox!

It’s a new astrological year for all of us when the Sun crosses the equator and enters the sign of Aries – Happy Birthday Aries! This weekend’s equinox marks the balance point of equal parts day and night. From approximately March 20 to April 19, the sun makes its annual trip through Aries, a dynamic, impulsive and […]

Halloween Finds on Etsy

Happy Autumn, hope you’ve all been well during this turbulent year! On top of managing our Etsy shop, we started growing a small CBD hemp farm this spring and the harvest is nearly complete. If you thought the above photo was marijuana, Trick or Treat! It’s called White CBG, one of the 3 varieties of hemp plants we grew this year, along […]

Welcome Spring and Happy Birthday Aries!

The Vernal Equinox is today, ushering in Spring, Aries season, fresh beginnings, longer days and nature’s renewal. Equinoxes happen twice a year, and it’s the only time when the sun rises due east and sets due west all across the globe! According to astrology, when the Sun crosses into Aries the “New Year” starts and a fresh trip around the […]

10 Gift Ideas for Leo

Happy Birthday Leo! We’re now in Leo season and it starts off with a triple dose of the Big Cat’s energy: Mars began zipping through Leo on July 20; the Sun roared into its home sign on Saturday night (July 22); and the first of two rare New Moons in Leo starts on Sunday July 23. (The second […]

Planetary Energy Shifts, June 4-10 2017

“The Times They Are A-changin’” This week has so many planetary shifts of energy, you might be feeling a wee bit dizzy as the workweek winds down. Personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars changed their tune, and mighty titan Jupiter moves forward in Libra on June 9 with the wind in its sails. The Full Strawberry […]