2020 Cosmic Alchemy

The planetary alignments of 2020 look to be monumental and transformative! When the two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sky, its astronomically known as the “Great Conjunction“, and it has traditionally been seen as a celestial omen. This alignment will be joined by Pluto, which often brings revolutionary events that change the […]

Virgo Harvest and Cosmic Connections

The Sun is travelling through the astrological season of Virgo, which means it’s late summer harvest time! The fruits of labor from spring and summer are reaching a peak and ready to gather. Patience and perseverance (two Virgo traits) are now paying off with the abundance of fresh healthy food available. The exacting nature of Virgo […]

Celebrate Religious Freedom Day on January 16!

One of the best things about the United States is that every American has the right to demonstrate belief or religion, change religion, or not to follow any religion. Beginning with President George H.W. Bush in 1993, the Presidents of the U.S. have proclaimed Religious Freedom Day annually on January 16th as an observance to protect and promote […]