Astro Energy Forecast (week of August 16, 2016)

Did you get a chance to see the Perseid meteor showers this past week? The spectacular show graced us with lots of shooting stars to wish upon! The featured picture above captured one of these meteors shooting across the West Virginia sky.

Today (August 16) there’s an electric trine (120 degree aspect) with the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Creativity, heightened perception, and inventiveness burn brightly with this fire trine. If you have a good idea, act on it and manifest it. You will feel energetic, authentic, and interested in trying or learning about new things. This harmonic energy is with us up through the Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday (Uranus rules Aquarius), so rock it! Keep an open mind, focus on fabulous future scenarios, and be the change you wish to see.

On Wednesday the 17th, Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. With both planets in stable Earth signs, connections with others this week could have far-reaching future implications. Chemistry will be undeniable and palpable. Artistic endeavors will have an emotional intensity to them, as well as  conversations from the heart and sizzling intimate encounters. The downside of this transit is that passion may lead you on a trail of temptations that could get you burned.

Sun magnetic fields
The above image is an overlay by NASA solar scientists studying the magnetic field of the sun. Courtesy of NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics Observatory

Before getting too far into the astrological transits, let’s talk about why the planets have a pull on us. Like the Earth, the Sun generates a magnetic field that extends into space. The Sun’s magnetic field reverses direction every 11 years (a full cycle occurs in 22 years), and this corresponds with a maximum of sunspot activity in which plasma is ejected into space. The Sun’s magnetic field is constantly changing, and influences the motion of charged particles well beyond the orbits of the known planets, to distances of around 75-100 times the distance of the Earth to the Sun. Pretty cool, huh? Solar activity has been found to affect Earth’s climate, including rainfall, winds, and geophysical events like earthquakes. Low solar activity has corresponded with cooling cycles, including past ice ages on Earth. Large solar flares have fried the circuitry of artificial satellites, disrupted radio and television broadcasts, and have even brought down the entire power grid of Quebec.

Uranus with rings north pole 4 oclock
Courtesy of Lawrence Sromovsky, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison/W.W. Keck Observatory

Uranus also has a strong magnetic field, but unlike the other planets whose magnetism aligns with the axis of rotation, Uranus’ field is generated halfway out from the core and is tilted at a 60 degree angle from the poles of rotation. In the infrared composite image above, Uranus’ north pole is at 4 o’clock! Perhaps this is the reason that in most astrological interpretations, Uranus is the only planet that is unpredictable, and often corresponds with sudden, unexpected changes. The collective consciousness, the zeitgeist, and the noosphere also play their part as to why the planets affect us, but that’s for another post 🙂

The Moon reaches fullness on Thursday the 18th, at 25 degrees of Aquarius. This August Full Moon has many names, one being “Moon When All Things Ripen” by the Dakota Sioux. It’s also a penumbral eclipse, in which the moon passes through the Earth’s outer shadow, and the full moon’s energy will be more potent than usual. Dream outside of the box and take the road less traveled. Completion and/or drama involving friendships, acquaintances, social media, technology and humanitarian efforts are highlighted. Egos may flare and power struggles ensue. This usually happens when people forget that we are all one family, the human family, and each of us are simply different facets of Spirit expressing itself. The Aquarian Full Moon will bring up opportunities to experience solidarity with our sisters and brothers. Under these bright moonbeams, make intentions to attract your tribe. Use orange or yellow candles, plus the herbs rosemary and catnip. Carnelian, garnet, moonstone and tigers eye stones lend an extra punch to your magickal workings. Get as specific in your mind as possible and imagine every detail of your soul troop. Know you’ll meet them soon!

Full moon
Full Moon rising, Image Copyright: Dani Caxete

As a last note, Saturn just went direct in Sagittarius on August 13, after being retrograde since March 25th. During that time, the planet of karma slowed us down, favoring introspection over outward ambition, revealing weak spots and shaky foundations that forced us to re-evaluate our direction. Now that Saturn is moving forward again, we’ll feel more disciplined and focused towards achieving our big plans and dreams. Progress will be slow at first, but keep it steady, fine tune your goals, and you’ll see visible accomplishment by year’s end. Saturn will stay in Sagittarius until December 19th, 2017, giving us all the tools we need to achieve our vision and shoot for the stars as long as we’re willing to do the heavy lifting.

Saturn with backlit rings
Saturn’s rings backlit from the Sun, Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Be sure to give your favorite crystals a moonbath! How did the planets affect you this week? Please comment below!

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