Magick Summer

Blessed Lammas and Happy Leo New Moon! This is a warm and magickal time of year ~ the sunflowers are blooming, the garden is lush, and people are enjoying summer’s bounty of sun and fun. Hello and welcome to our new blog! We’re Amy & Christopher, a husband and wife team making art, jewelry, love and magick together for over 20 years. We’ll be sharing our portfolio of current and past artwork, musings on nature, observations of cosmic energy currents, posts of joy, and other topics that strike our fancy. To learn more of our background, see the about us page on this website, or check out our Etsy shop EarthandSkyAlchemy.

Rufous hummingbird
Fiery orange Rufous hummingbird at our feeder.

Have the hummingbirds been zooming through your area this summer? We’ve had a “glittering” of these little cuties visit our feeder! For all you language lovers out there, a group of hummingbirds are also whimsically called a “charm”, “bouquet”, “shimmer”, and “tune”. We’ve seen the Rufous with the bright fire-colored throat of orange, yellow, and gold; the Black-chinned hummingbird with a metallic purple flash; the ubiquitous Ruby-throat; Allen’s hummingbird in brilliant colors of copper, red, gold; and the Calliope, the smallest hummingbird of all with wild iridescent magenta feathers that streak out from the throat. Chris captured a still moment of this unique bird on our feeder.

Calliope hummingbird
Calliope hummingbird with bright magenta feathers.


Black chinned hummingbird
Black-chinned hummingbird with purple flash in mid-flight.

Today is a New Moon in Leo. This dovetails with Lammas, also celebrated as Lughnasadh, named for Lugh, the Celtic god of light. Lammas is the midway point between the Summer Solstice of June and the upcoming Autumn Equinox in September. Nature lovers, Pagans, and witches celebrate this time of the ripening harvest with gratitude. The late summer holiday is honored with gatherings, feasts, and festivities from July 31 through August 2. Baked braided breads, jam, corn, and wild berry pies are on the menu. In that spirit, we made a sweet-tart gooseberry pie with our home-grown berries! We used an old fashioned gooseberry pie recipe and made up our own crust.

Gooseberry bush
Our gooseberry bush filled with glowing green berries!


Gooseberry harvest
Bowl of fresh gooseberries from the garden.


Gooseberry pie
Homemade gooseberry pie!

During Lammas, homes, the altar, and people are decorated in sun-kissed colors of orange, yellow, and gold. Magick is made with spells of gratitude and abundance. Since a Leo New Moon is blessing this time, spells for courage, creative endeavors, and future plans are favored. The power stones to have on hand are peridot, citrine, sardonyx, and aventurine. Peridot is the birthstone for August, so for you Leos (or anyone who loves the bright green gemstone), we handmade these long dangle earrings with natural peridot faceted baquette stones, 14k gold-filled leverbacks and chain. You can buy these beauties in our Etsy shop!

Peridot baguette earrings

On August 1, the Leo Sun makes a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. This harmonious trine emphasizes a strong work ethic, practical focus for creative projects, preparation for the future, and conserving resources. (It’s been our observation that transits of planets are felt a day or two before and after the exact degree occurs. Some transits are felt for weeks, but that’s for another post!) Early Sunday morning (July 31), Venus in Leo began a trine with Uranus in Aries, and that free-spirited love vibe is still groovin’ today, creating opportunities for surprise windfalls and ways to boldly express yourself in cutting-edge looks. Mars re-enters Sagittarius today until September 27, 2016. This will ignite a desire in people to exercise and romp outdoors; have discussions (occasionally heated) regarding belief systems, ideology, culture, and religion; study a subject that expands consciousness and questions reality. Tonight, be sure to write down your 10 new moon wishes (intentions) in the Leo-ruled areas of love and romance, creativity, children, and FUN!

Allen's hummingbird
The bold, expressive back and tail feathers of the Allen’s hummingbird.

How do you celebrate Lammas? What will you relish these last magickal days of summer? Please introduce yourself and comment below! Did you enjoy this post? Please share!

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