Happy Aquarius Season ~ Astound Yourself!

Happy Birthday Aquarians! The sun begins its month long journey through Aquarius this week, bringing a flowing energy that supports personal aspirations with the help of friends, groups, or organizations. Aquarius is symbolized by two rolling waves  ♒ , and literally means “water-bearer”. Because it is an air sign in the mental area of the zodiac, the […]

Blessed Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice and Bright Blessings for a new solar year! The Sun has reached its lowest point in the Southern sky (here in the Northern Hemisphere) and will begin ascending, bringing more light each day. For earth / nature spiritualists this transition is celebrated as the beginning of the new calendar year, with Solstice […]

Happy Birthday Virgo!

The Sun enters the constellation of Virgo today, bringing a practical energy to the next few weeks that will help us get our life in order. Through persistence and patience, Virgo season will help us reach perfection! p.s. From our #etsy shop, this is a close-up pic of a rare fluorite specimen from the famous Rogerley Quarry […]