NEW Website Grand Opening:

We are super excited to announce the launch of our NEW website:! The store features one of a kind mineral specimens, energy healing crystals, natural gemstone jewelry, hand carved nature art, and our latest addition: artisan CBD hemp flowers grown on our family farm! To celebrate we’re having a BOGO sale on 1/8th oz. CBD […]

Celebrating Earth Day 2020 and the Slow Jam of Taurus

It’s fitting that Earth Day celebrations happen during Taurus, the first of the three earth signs in the zodiac, because this sign symbolizes our relationship to the Earth, our way of living and our physical experiences. Energetically, “Taurus season” represents stability and security, material goods and resources, pleasure and comfort, patience and productivity. These issues will be foremost […]

Happy Aries Season ~ Spring into Action!

Happy Birthday Aries! The Spring Equinox has arrived, heralding the shift from winter to spring with longer days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. The dormant trees and grasses begin to emerge filling the landscape with multi shades of green. We’re busy prepping the veggie garden and thanks to the unusually warm season, we’ve already been […]

Happy Aquarius Season ~ Astound Yourself!

Happy Birthday Aquarians! The sun begins its month long journey through Aquarius this week, bringing a flowing energy that supports personal aspirations with the help of friends, groups, or organizations. Aquarius is symbolized by two rolling waves  ♒ , and literally means “water-bearer”. Because it is an air sign in the mental area of the zodiac, the […]

Blessed Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice and Bright Blessings for a new solar year! The Sun has reached its lowest point in the Southern sky (here in the Northern Hemisphere) and will begin ascending, bringing more light each day. For earth / nature spiritualists this transition is celebrated as the beginning of the new calendar year, with Solstice […]