10 Gift Ideas for Virgo!

The Sun is in Virgo’s stars for a month! This energy will affect us all ~ we may feel an insatiable desire to organize our closets, garage, financial files, and emails; or we might be inspired to up our health game, and will encourage every member of the household including pets to get a check-up and eat more greens; or we’re feeling giddy with anticipation for a new school year, Fall boots, and cooler weather. Virgo season is awesome! Need some gift inspiration for those witty and industrious Virgos in your life? I got you covered…


Virgo men know how to work a suit and tie. He’ll dig these wooden cuff links because they’re cool, minimalist, and (bonus) conversation starters!

virgo cufflinks etsy
Wooden Virgo cufflinks, WoodenAccessoriesCo on Etsy


Virgo women go for classic, simple, well-tailored, and ethically produced clothes. Like these retro-styled sailor pants made with ethically certified fabric sourced from local markets in Bangladesh.

virgo ethical clothes
Custom retro 30’s style wide leg sailor pant, theethicalpetal on Etsy


However, they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. Virgos love nature, saving money and eating healthy foods, win-win-win!

garden seeds etsy
Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds, OpenSeedVault on Etsy


They also enjoy a well-crafted micro-brew beer after a hard day’s work…

virgo constellation mug
Virgo Constellation Etched Mug, OverlyAttachedDecals on Etsy


…or an uplifting sweet treat!

#BritishBrittle, BigSkiesFoodCo on Etsy


Virgos adore all things natural and pure. This hand blended essential oil perfume will appeal to her senses.

virgo perfume
Virgo Essential Oil Perfume, BuffaloGalOrganics on Etsy


Virgos are a health-conscious crew, and most love a good cup of tea. Tea has been shown in studies to have health benefits due to its mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant content; plus, it tastes good 🙂

virgo handblend tea
Hand-blended Organic Loose Leaf Tea for Virgo, AstroloTea on Etsy


Virgos are ruled by Mercury and new information is like catnip to them. While enjoying the tea, they’ll probably pull out a book or kindle from their tote bag (which will also include fresh veggies from the farmer’s market).

virgo tote
Reusable Virgo Astrology Tote Bag, HeartandWillowPrints on Etsy


Adornments for Virgos are usually understated affairs. This unisex pendant necklace features a raw green / blue sapphire, and will charm their sophisticated boho side. (p.s. Sapphire is September’s birthstone)

raw sapphire pendant
Handmade Raw Sapphire Pendant Necklace, PowerstoneJewelry1 on Etsy


One of the minerals associated with Virgo is fossil stone. This chunky petrified wood sphere is millions of years old with gorgeous Autumn colors of carnelian orange, brick red, and wood brown. It’ll look perfect perched on Virgo’s office desk.

Petrified Wood sphere
Petrified Wood Sphere Fossil Stone, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Hope you enjoyed these ten gift suggestions for Virgos! Which one was your favorite?

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