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Happy Autumn, hope you’ve all been well during this turbulent year! On top of managing our Etsy shop, we started growing a small CBD hemp farm this spring and the harvest is nearly complete. If you thought the above photo was marijuana, Trick or Treat! It’s called White CBG, one of the 3 varieties of hemp plants we grew this year, along with 2 CBD strains. CBD and CBG hemp doesn’t make you feel “high”,but it does relieve stress and pain along with a myriad of other beneficial health effects. CBG has antibacterial properties, and could be useful for the treatment of superbugs like MRSA. Here’s some more pics of our pretty plants from this summer:


“Hawaiian Haze” CBD hemp plant, Summer 2020, Earth and Sky Farm LLC


“Special Sauce” CBD hemp flower bud, Summer 2020, Earth and Sky Farm LLC


CBG flower cola, Earth and Sky Farm LLC
CBG flower cola, Earth and Sky Farm LLC

We’re going to sell the top-of-the-line, healthy-for-you flowers on our new Shopify website (coming soon!). I’ll also be writing some upcoming blogs about CBD and CBG, the health benefits of the plants, as well as uses for the flowers. Stay tuned!

Thought I’d ease back into the groove of writing with a chillingly fun “Halloween finds on Etsy” post. Even though the mid-Fall celebration will be different this year for just about everyone, decorating the house is the first step to getting in the spooky spirit!


I Put A Spell On You Doormat

“I put a spell on you” doormat, by ShopByThePalms on Etsy

This cute welcome mat is a perfect start to get the witchy vibes rolling. Made of 100% natural coir, which helps prevent dirt and mud from tracking inside your home.


Jeweled Skull Halloween Wreath

Black Halloween Wreath with Jeweled Skull, by Marchina on Etsy

Style your front door game up a notch with this unique and edgy handmade black Halloween wreath with a fancy jeweled skull in the center!


Engraved Spider Web Votive Candle Holders

Set of 4 Glass Votive Candle Holders with Spiderweb engraving, by DaydreemDesigns on Etsy

Every Haunted House needs candles burning, and these reusable glass votive candle holders are not only earth friendly, but eerie too!


Bleeding Hand Halloween Candle

Bleeding Hand Halloween Candle, by CreepyCandles on Etsy

Yikes! Scare roommates and loved ones with this insane “bleeding hand” Halloween candle. Creepy.


Spooky Halloween Pillow

Spooky Halloween Throw Pillow by wfrancisdesign on Etsy

A ghost hand reaching through a pillow is sure to bring the shudders.


Ultra Dark Burgundy Nail Polish

Dark Burgundy Nail Polish, by TheVelvetHexagon on Etsy

Speaking of hands, consider adorning yours with this deep dark blackberry/burgundy nail polish for a bewitching manicure!


Laser Cut Acrylic Ghost Earrings

Handmade Acrylic Ghost Earrings, by NativeNirvanaJewelry on Etsy

Adorn your ears with these spooky-cute ghost stud earrings made from laser cut acrylic. Boo!


Dalmatian Jasper Skull and tumbled stones set

Dalmatian Jasper Skull & tumbled stones set, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

If you like Gothic decor year-round, may I present this very cool hand carved dalmatian jasper skull and tumbled stones set.


Halloween Greeting Card

“Straight on Till Morning” hand-illustrated greeting card, by HijinxedEtc on Etsy

Send your besties “Happy Halloween” wishes with this adorable hand-illustrated greeting card by artist Maggie Vandewalle. It’ll lift their spirits, even if they can’t see you in person this year.


Hand-painted Gothic Wooden Plaque

“Wear Your Mask” hand-painted wooden plaque, by RenfieldsAttic on Etsy

Might want to keep this wooden plaque hanging around after Halloween as a friendly reminder from the plague doctor to “wear your mask”.


Wishing you a Happy Halloween! Celebrate Fright Night safely – mask up, practice social distancing, honor your ancestors, eat a little candy. Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this post!

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