Welcome Autumn ~ Ideas to enjoy the Fall season!

There is something special about all the seasons, but Fall is my favorite ~ brisk air coupled with sunshine, colorful leaf displays, apple cider, pumpkins, and the chance to slow down and begin the journey of inward exploration. The Autumn Equinox was Friday September 22, a time of equal day and night. Fall is the perfect time to work on bringing more balance into your life. The Equinox also marks the first day the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. (Need some gift ideas for those lovely Libras? Check out this post). Here are more ways to celebrate the glorious Fall season: bake bread and apple-themed dishes; make a gratitude list; let go of the past; eat pomegranates; take a drive to see the changing leaves; give the house a deep clean; carve a pumpkin; decorate your house with colorful ornamental corn and squash; stop and smell the cinnamon with some Autumn Incense!

Loose Incense for the Autumn Season, by MoodyMoons on Etsy

Fragrant, exotic, and pretty to boot, this loose incense with cinnamon and allspice can be burned for rituals or simply to fill your house with the scent of Autumn.

Do you decorate your house to match the changing seasons? Our Etsy shop has natural stones and crystals for sale in delicious Fall colors of russet orange, mahogany red, gold, and warm brown:

Petrified Wood Stone Heart

Petrified Wood Heart Stone, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy #FallDecor

This large fossilized wood heart has beautiful burgundy red and brown color with cream tree ring lines! The petrified wood specimen is millions of years old, and would make a nice showpiece for your home or workspace. The natural stone heart is also perfect for meditation sessions.

Natural Smoky Quartz Point

smoky quartz crystal
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy #FallDecor

This chunky smoky quartz crystal has a deep charcoal brown color, nice translucency, and tabular ridged sides that grow into stepped points towards the tip. Smoky quartz is a powerful stone that dissolves negative energy. Place the crystal in your home for positive vibes!

Aragonite Crystal Cluster

aragonite crystal cluster
Large Aragonite Crystal Cluster, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy #FallDecor

This huge aragonite crystal cluster is covered on both sides with russet orange, cream, and clear hexagonal crystals that sparkle in the light! This rare collector stone would make a beautiful showpiece in a contemporary or bohemian style home.

Hessonite Garnet Earrings

Hessonite Garnet Gemstone Earrings, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Don’t forget to adorn yourself in Autumn’s finest colors! We handmade these long gemstone earrings with faceted hessonite garnet in graduated colors of light gold, russet orange, and cinnamon red! The earrings are modern and sophisticated with a Southwestern bohemian vibe.

Speaking of the Southwest, Chris and I usually celebrate the Autumn Equinox by spending time in Nature. This year, we travelled to the high elevation Rocky Mountains of Colorado to view the early changing bright gold aspen leaves, and wanted to share some of our pics with you 🙂 The picture at the top of the post is a vista near the Continental Divide. (If possible, try to experience the majesty of this area IRL, our pics don’t do it justice!)

Headwaters of the Rio Grande

Rio Grande headwaters in Colorado

We drove along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway (highly recommended!) which is chock-full of jaw-dropping natural beauty. The winding road follows the Rio Grande up to it’s source at the Continental Divide with beautiful valleys surrounded by the 14,000 foot peaks of the San Juan mountains. Large lakes in the valleys form the headwaters of the Rio Grande (“Big River”) that flows 1,850 miles on it’s journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

North Clear Creek Falls

North Clear Creek Falls

Creeks run off the lakes and meander through the valleys. As the rolling water meets the steep mountainous terrain, gushing waterfalls form, like the one at North Clear Creek Falls. The moving water carves out the landscape leaving behind intriguing natural rock formations.

Rio Grande Gorge in Taos

Rio Grande Gorge

Here in Taos, the large river flows through an enormous 800 foot deep gorge that’s been carved into the ancient volcanic basalt flows. On its long journey to sea, the Rio Grande provides precious water to the semi-arid lands of New Mexico. The river feeds multiple historic pueblos along the way, and nourishes wildlife.

Bighorn sheep ewes and lambs

Bighorn sheep ewes and lambs

While hiking along the Rio Grande, we came across this friendly family of bighorn sheep grazing on the west rim of the gorge. So cute!

Next up, Chris will talk about the planetary energies that are happening with this Wednesday’s (9/27/17) Jupiter-Uranus opposition. He also mentions interesting times in history that coincide with the Jupiter-Uranus cycle! Read on…


The big news for this week is that Jupiter moves into an opposition with Uranus, completing the last of 3 transits that began in December 2016, and occurred again during the retrograde in March 2017. The two planets align in our sky, horizon to horizon, about every 14 years. This transit often coincides with transformative events that result in breakthroughs of perception. Albert Einstein was born during a Jupiter-Uranus opposition period, and his Theory of Relativity was later proven with the same alignment in the heavens.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle, known as a synodic period (the time between 2 planets conjuncting in the sky), coincides with numerous technological innovations and theoretical advancements. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton all published major works that altered the course of science during Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. Darwin and Freud also had groundbreaking writings that synchronized with this cycle.

The first space flights occurred during the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 1961-62, and the following conjunction in 1968-69 brought the Apollo moon landing. The Apollo-11 also sent back the first pictures of Earth from space, changing our perspective of our host planet forever. Meanwhile, the “Gaia Theory” was being developed by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, which viewed the Earth as a synergistic living organism. The first personal computer and the first internet transmission also occurred during this conjunction, setting the stage for the computer age we are now immersed in.

Jupiter is an expansive planet that represents the drive to evolve and grow, to seek out life with meaning, and to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience. Uranus is a dynamic, sometimes “explosive”, planet that represents the desire to be unrestricted and free. When Jupiter and Uranus align or oppose each other, surprising and unexpected events rise to the surface, forcing us to readjust to the newly emerging paradigms. The sudden changes usually represent an evolutionary turning point in which you cannot “go back” to outdated means of thinking. While the actual events are often unsettling at the moment, the long term effects are liberating.

To understand the cycle we are currently immersed in, we must look to the most recent conjunction during 2010. Synodic cycles between planets operate energetically like the new to full cycle of the moon. During the conjunction there is a “new” beginning, or an emergence of energy, that later reaches a peak of physical expression at the “full” opposition alignment. Some events that occurred during the 2010 meeting of Jupiter and Uranus include: the signing of the “Affordable Care Act”, or “Obamacare” into law; the “Arab Spring” revolutions in the Middle East; particle physicists collide the first proton beams in the Large Hadron Collider; the release of the iPad and proliferation of smartphones; Kindle sales overtook hardcover book sales on Amazon; and Electric cars hit the mass market. These are some of the social and technological seeds that were planted at the “new” cycle that should be reaching culmination peaks at this time. Note that a culmination point can also be the destruction of something started at the “new” conjunction, such as the current attempt at repealing the “Affordable Care Act”.

Jupiter and Uranus both have progressive, rebellious sides, which is why this cycle is often associated with historical revolutions. The American Revolution of 1775-76 began with the conjunction of the two planets, and ended during their opposition in 1782-83. The next conjunction in 1788-89 aligns with the French Revolution. During their more recent alignment in 1968-69, we witnessed numerous civil rights movements and the Vietnam War protests. The opposition of 1989-90 brought the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On a personal level, this transit often coincides with a sudden break from a limiting circumstance, ranging anywhere from a person, a job, a duty or obligation, a way of life, or even a mental perception. Sometimes the shift is not experienced directly, but through a friend, relative, or partner that makes an unexpected change that you must respond to. While it can sometimes be a disruptive time, as old patterns are dissolving to to make room for newly expanding ones, it is also an electrically charged time in which “doorways” open, and once in a lifetime opportunities may reveal themselves. If you’ve been waiting for a moment to make a break from something, or to jump into a new endeavor, this transit can provide just the right atmosphere!

Enjoy the cooler weather and this beautiful transition of Mother Nature! Thank you for reading xo ♥ ~ Amy and Chris

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