Attitude of Gratitude & Our Best Mineral Sale of the Year!

Happy Thanksgiving! The Sun entered social Sagittarius this week, setting off a wave of gatherings, feasts, gift-giving and celebrations! The jolly Sag season always gets off to a fab start with Thanksgiving festivities. It’s the time of year to get together with family and friends, share the fall harvest, and exchange stories, gifts, and good times. Sagittarius is also a thoughtful season, as we reflect on the past year and the blessings we’ve received. Here in Taos, the mountain peaks are dusted white, and the snow geese and sandhill cranes begin flying South to escape the incoming cold. The days are getting shorter and the night fires are glowing longer. From our vantage point on the Earth’s northern hemisphere, the Sun continues to retreat into the Southern sky until the Winter Solstice. The Christmas celebration occurs at the point when the Sun’s movement back North and the lengthening of the days can be easily seen. There are many different festivals of light during December ~ check out this blog post for spiritual gift ideas to honor your awesomely diverse friends and family!

We are very thankful for you, our blog readers and Etsy customers, for sharing this magical journey with us! As a way of extending our gratitude, we’re having a big SALE in our Etsy shop from now until December 1st ~ we’re offering 10-15% off everything, including sale items already reduced up to 60%! This is our best sale of the year, and it’s a great opportunity to pick up a one of kind collector stone, or splurge on an extravagant pair of earrings! Check out some of these great Holiday specials:

 Huge Aquamarine Crystal

huge aquamarine crystal
Huge Aquamarine crystal ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

Looking for an outstanding prize crystal for your collection, or a showpiece to upgrade your Winter decor? This chunky raw aquamarine crystal is perfect with it’s icy blue color, gemmy translucency, and glossy surfaces. The rare collector stone is currently priced at 40% off, and with the additional 15% savings, it’s a great time to invest in this exceptional crystal. It would also make an incredible holiday gift for a nature enthusiast or crystal lover!

Poker Chip Calcite with Pyrite Druzy

Poker chip Calcite on Pyrite druzy coated Dogtooth Calcite
Poker-chip Calcite with Pyrite Druzy Crystal ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

This rare mineral specimen is festive with its sparkling gold druzy and white hexagonal crystals. The flat rhomboids are known as “poker chip” calcite crystals and they’re growing on pointy “dogtooth” calcites that are covered with gold pyrite druzy crystals. This collector specimen is now on sale for 15% off, and will make excellent Winter decor or a unique Holiday gift!

Huge Botryoidal and Fibrous Malachite Mineral Specimen

Huge Malachite Specimen
Botryoidal and Fibrous Malachite Specimen ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

Here’s an amazing collector stone with a deep emerald green color perfectly suited for the Holidays: a huge organic copper plate covered in shimmering green botryoidal and fibrous malachite! This rare mineral specimen from Zaire, Africa would make a fabulous showpiece all year round. It’s already specially priced at 25% off, and with the extra 15% sale, this is a great opportunity to own this museum grade specimen!

Multi Gemstone Rainbow Earrings

multi gemstone rainbow earrings
multi gemstone rainbow earrings ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

Looking for a fabulous women’s gift or a decadent pair of gemstone earrings? Check out these handmade beauties featuring a rainbow of faceted natural stones: tourmaline, kyanite, garnet, blue topaz, peridot, apatite, citrine, amethyst and scapolite! These one of a kind luxury earrings are already priced at 30% off, and with the extra 15% off, this is the time to add some color to your jewelry collection!

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal

Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal
Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

This pink and green watermelon tourmaline crystal would make a lavish stocking stuffer for the rock collector on your list! The raw natural crystal has beautiful color with gemmy translucency and nice form with striated surfaces. The gemstone is specially priced at 25% off, and with the additional 15% off, it’s a fabulous deal!

Huge Liddicoatite Tourmaline

Huge Liddicoatite Tourmaline Crystal
Huge Liddicoatite Tourmaline Crystal ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

Perhaps you’ve been really, really good this year – then this amazing watermelon tourmaline crystal is for you! The one of a kind liddicoatite tourmaline from Madagascar has a pink core with striated green sides and multiple triangular prismatic tips with thin pink growth layers at the terminations! This exceptional natural crystal is priced at 30% off, and with the additional 15% off, it’s time to reward yourself!

Peach Moonstone and Iolite Earrings

Peach Moonstone and Iolite earrings
Peach Moonstone and Iolite earrings ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

These celestial earrings are perfect for the Holiday season! Shimmering stars of faceted peach moonstone dangle below periwinkle iolite wire-wrapped onto 14k gold-filled chain. They’re specially priced at 25% off, and with an additional 10%, these beautiful earrings make an unforgettable (and affordable) gift!

Scolecite Crystal Specimen

Scolecite Crystal Specimen
Scolecite Crystal Specimen ~ Earth and Sky Alchemy on Etsy

Our last Holiday special is a rare Scolecite mineral specimen with fans of white to clear linear crystals like interwoven ice formations! This one of a kind crystal cluster is perfect for Winter decor, and it’s specially priced at 10% off, with an addition 10% at checkout. Be sure to see all of the specials throughout our Etsy shop, now through December 1st!

With the plethora of goodies and the whirlwind of activities going on, it’s important to slow down and remember the practice of “gratitude”. The simplest way is noticing the gifts and bounty surrounding you, and feeling grateful for all of your blessings. Going deeper into a gratitude lifestyle, every moment becomes precious, our lives become treasures, and so does all life around us, from people to pets to the environment. When we exchange gratefulness, it raises the energy in an exponential way. Thoughtfulness for what we have draws more abundance! Aligning our energy with the ever-expanding universe opens the channels for infinite possibilities of growth.


This Thanksgiving, let’s embrace a deep level of mindful awareness that celebrates the gift of the present moment, everything in it, and all of the abundance to come. What are you grateful for right now? (The featured image of the cornucopia and the candle above is from pixabay ~ thanks!)


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3 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude & Our Best Mineral Sale of the Year!

  1. Dayan

    Profound wisdom is abundant in this lovely article! Collectors of gemstone and fine jewelry look forward to this stupendous sale every year on your website and shop. The quality of the gems are the best and the service is always professional!
    I am so thankful to be able to read these wonderful articles, I get immense joy from reading them always. Thank You.

  2. That s honestly what I can say about overcoming life s obstacles and unanticipated setbacks, without gratitude, I would have crumbled.  Have you read Man s Search For Meaning ?  The author, Viktor Frankl, was kept in a concentration camp during WWII.  That is a dark and horrific time of human history to be sure, but he talks about the importance of attitude.  After reading it, I realized that if anyone in the world had the best justification for terror, pain and suffering- it would have been him and the millions of people who suffered during that time, yet he writes of gratitude and having a positive attitude.  The final oppression, he notes- when someone is trying to destroy you, is to anhiliate your sense of hope, gratitude and an ability to see beyond the situation and escape with dreams and positivity.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! Dr. Frankl’s story is an excellent example of how even in the worse conditions and being stripped of almost everything one can still find meaning in their own lives and have gratitude for life itself. I found it interesting that his form of psychotherapy that developed out of his experience, known as “logotherapy”, helps one find meaning in their lives instead of focusing on the cycle of neuroses. It was also noteworthy how things like art, humor, and the beauty of nature can serve as beacons in dark times. ~ Christopher

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