Planetary Energy Shifts, June 4-10 2017

“The Times They Are A-changin'” This week has so many planetary shifts of energy, you might be feeling a wee bit dizzy as the workweek winds down. Personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars changed their tune, and mighty titan Jupiter moves forward in Libra on June 9 with the wind in its sails. The Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on Friday is guaranteed to get you galloping away for a get-together, spontaneous weekend trip, or find you in passionate pursuit of higher knowledge. The Moon will be at its lowest in the sky and also at its “apogee”, the point in its orbit when it’s farthest from Earth, making it the smallest Full Moon of 2017. Let’s take a look at each energy event in detail and how it will affect us:

Mars in Cancer, 6/4 – 7/20

Mars entered the sign of sensitive, watery Cancer on June 4th, where it travels for the next 1-1/2 months. The fourth house is considered the “fall”, or lowest energy point for Mars, as Cancer’s naturally protective energy can be smothering and restrictive to the assertive fiery energy of the Red planet. This transit has a tendency to pull up issues from our subconscious regarding the past, home and family, mothers, and emotions. Stay on guard, as unresolved issues are often expressed through passive-aggressive displays of anger, hurt feelings, and emotional confrontations. Some astrologers consider the energy of Mars in Cancer to “boiling water”, that if left unattended will boil over and scorch. Because Mars is a Cardinal planet, and Cancer is a Cardinal sign, it means that this is an initiation transit, meaning action should be taken. It’s a good time to dive into your feelings and clear up any tangled knots in your emotional system. If there’s something threatening your security and stability, this transit can bring out the “Mother Warrior” in all of us, ready to defend and protect the home-front. Another positive way to manifest the energy of this transit is to work hard around your home on renovations and changes to provide a firm foundation for the future.

Mercury in Gemini, 6/6 – 6/21

Mercury entered its home sign of Gemini on June 6th, and all communication will be amped during the next couple of weeks. Keep your mind open and flexible and expect to be engaged in fast-moving conversations, group discussions, a flurry of new ideas, more contact with friends, relatives and neighbors, and a relentless pursuit of intellectual activities. This transit will be brief but intense, information will be fast and cover a wide variety of subjects. If misunderstandings arise, a benefit of this time is that you’ll discover multiple ways to get your message across, or find several approaches to resolving an issue. This isn’t the best time, however, for soul-searching talks or rash words, and you might also have a hard time relaxing with the buzzing energy. Find time to disconnect and recharge anyway, because a continually distracted mind cannot think properly, and that would be going against the whole point of this transit. The Sun is still going strong in Gemini, accelerating the tempo of our lives, accentuating clear communication (which includes listening), and gifting us with an upbeat attitude.

*Suggestion* To unwind, try coloring! Gemini rules the hands, and studies have shown coloring benefits our mental, emotional, and intellectual health. This beautiful mandala coloring page is an instant download for immediate stress relief:

Mandala Coloring Page, instant download, by TranquilityColoring on Etsy

Perhaps Mars in Cancer has you seeing red, and you need something a little stronger to calm down. This hand drawn instant download page is excellent for coloring as you’re contemplating the fuckers in your life:

Adult Coloring Page, instant download, by TheArtfulMaker on Etsy

Venus in Taurus, 6/6 – 7/4

Venus sauntered into Taurus on June 6th. She is the goddess of love, art, beauty, and compassion, and is the natural ruler of Taurus, so these attributes will be emphasized through July 4th and expressed in a sensual and earthy way. All of our physical senses will be on full blast, so be sure to indulge in the pleasures of the season ~ feel the warm sun on your skin, taste the ripe fruits of summer, watch a sunrise or sunset, smell the sweet fragrance of a flower. Venus in Taurus loves money and material possessions, and we’ll be especially drawn to beautiful clothes, jewelry, art, entertainment, and home decor at this time, so be mindful of too many splurges. Self-care, self-love, and self-worth is highlighted now. Accept only what brings you joy. Pay attention to how your body feels throughout the day; does it tense around certain individuals or conversations? Your body can tell what is good for you. When we take the time to treat ourselves like the precious resources we truly are, it creates a dignity within that earns respect and you will attract people who value you.

Jupiter Moves Direct in Libra, 6/9 – 10/10

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is now ready to rock and roll in Libra and will insist on bringing the balance back in fields relating to peace, harmony, partnerships, romance, style and beauty, cooperation, collaborations, diplomacy, justice and legal matters, and all of our relationships. This energy will be going strong up through October 10th. When Jupiter is retrograde, we feel a restriction in the above areas, and because Jupiter also rules higher learning, spirituality, and cross-cultures, that got the pinch too. Jupiter moving forward will bring abundance, expansion, opportunities, and general happy luck to all these realms. Those of you with Sagittarius and Libra Sun Signs will be feeling more open and expressive, and we’ll all feel like we got sprinkled with an extra dose of faery dust, yay! (p.s. the picture of faery dust blessings above is from

Fun Facts: Jupiter entered Libra on August 25, 1945, and days later, World War II officially ended as Japan surrendered. The Woodstock Music and Art Festival was held during Jupiter’s 1969-70 visit to Libra ~ peace and love, people! The Oslo Accord (a set of agreements aimed at a peace treaty between the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization) was signed during Jupiter’s 1993 tour of Libra.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, 6/9

The Moon will be full in freedom-loving Sagittarius on the morning of Friday June 9th, which will wake many people up early. Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) changes direction and moves forward on Friday (within an hour after the Moon peaks at its fullest) making this a potent moon with themes of expansion and optimism, mixed with lessons in peace, compromise, and understanding. Serious Saturn will be conjunct to the Moon, forcing us to take a sincere look at what we’re dedicating most of our time and energy towards, and how this makes us feel. Sagittarius likes to see the big picture and view life holistically. This Full Moon is about evolving us on a spiritual level. Full Moons typically amplify our thoughts and feelings, and Sag will crank up the volume to bring fresh information to the table so we can see what is working for us and what is not. The Universe wants us to make a transition in order to align with our path, and there may be something you’re wrapping up to get ready for a fresh start. The secret to navigating this Full Moon is to focus on finding the joy and keeping an open mind. This is where the current energy of Venus and Mercury can help you out if you tap into it.

Thanks for reading! Are you getting ready for the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year? Warm Blessings to you 🙂


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