10 Gift Ideas for Gemini

Happy Birthday Gemini! On May 20, the Sun entered Gemini, the sign of the Twins, representing the inherit duality of life. The image above is an interpretation of Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin’s 2-dimensional image meant to challenge the mind’s way of seeing. Chris mirrored the image, forming the Gemini symbol with the candlesticks and faces. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

Parties, socializing, reconnecting and communicating will be the theme for the next few weeks. The energy will feel upbeat and fun, we’ll be more free and open, and a good belly laugh will prove to be the best medicine.

The New Moon in Gemini happened on May 25th. It was also a supermoon. This is the first time since 2009 that a new moon (not a full moon) was the closest and largest moon of the year. If you haven’t already done so, today and tomorrow is an excellent time to set new intentions in the following areas: writing, editing, and work/projects centered around communication; devices like phones, tablets, and computers; travel, transportation and vehicles; siblings, cousins, neighbors, friends; respiratory health; arms/wrist/hand fitness.

Need a gift idea for your favorite Gemini? I’ve curated a list of 10 presents for our fun-loving social butterfly of the Zodiac!

Handcrafted Wood Sunglasses

Handcrafted Wood Sunglasses, by LukeShades on Etsy

Gemini season is famous for ushering in summer! They’ll dig these handcrafted unisex sunglasses made from Yellowheart wood, a tropical hardwood found in Brazil known for its bright yellow color. Here comes the sun! Bonus: yellow is the power color for Gemini, symbolizing optimism and the intellect.

Handcrafted iPhone Stand

Handcrafted iPhone Stand, by BTRWoodworks on Etsy

Geminis are total techies, and like to keep their various gadgets organized and accessible. This handcrafted wood iPhone stand is just the ticket! They can easily view the screen and simultaneously use it as a docking station.

Handmade Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Handmade Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, by mrgogoworkshop on Etsy

Puzzles, teasers, and mental challenges are Gemini’s jam. Want to blow their mind? Gift them this handmade psychedelic wooden puzzle with THREE LAYERS, and they’ll by happy for days.

Alexandrite Möbius Pendant Necklace

Alexandrite Möbius Pendant Necklace, by lavajewelry on Etsy

Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June, and due to its scarcity, the stone is more valuable than most gems! Gift your rare Gemini this handmade sterling silver pendant necklace embellished with an alexandrite gemstone. The pendant is made like a Möbius band, a one-sided continuous surface, that will intrigue clever Gemini. Also, the mathematical concept elevates the jewelry to a conversation piece, and you know Gemini loves to chat!

Laminated Paper Bookmarks

Laminated Paper Bookmarks, by PaperOrnamentals on Etsy

Intellectual Gemini most likely has several books on the nightstand, so they’ll need this quality set of pretty patterned laminated card stock bookmarks adorned with a colorful ribbon. Extra points if presented along with a book they have been wanting to read!

Sweet Sentiments Pencil Set

Sweet Sentiments Pencils Set of 7, by IceyDesigns on Etsy

Gemini is a language lover, gaga for anything and everything word-related. This set of colorful, hex shaped pencils with inspirational quotes imprinted on them will brighten their day and energize them to write!

Yellow Leather Journal

Yellow Leather Journal, by aarinshandmade on Etsy

Geminis like to jot down thoughts, goals, song lyrics, and make random sketches. They’ll know you get them when you gift them this unique yellow journal made of recycled leather with a sun embossed on it.

Water Slide Nail Decals

Gemini Water Slide Nail Decals, by CoverMeNailArt on Etsy

Geminis are extroverts, into all things trendy and modern. They’ll have fun with these water slide nail decals using hand drawn artwork of stars, the Gemini symbol, and the Twins!

Butterfly Note Cards, pack of 5

Butterfly Note Cards, pack of 5, by ThePaintedLace on Etsy

You can’t go wrong with a gift of note cards! The social butterflies of the Zodiac adore sending little messages to friends and family. This pack of 5 note cards showcases a butterfly and loads of colorful dots! They’re blank inside for personalized missives.

Lavender Olive Oil Soap

Lavender and Olive Oil Soap, by SmithFamilySoapworks on Etsy

Lavender is the power flower for Gemini. They’ll love lathering up with this fresh, clean-smelling handmade soap that contains pure lavender essential oil, California olive oil, and shea butter.

Hope you enjoyed the gift list! Thank you for reading, and to the U.S. followers, wishing you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!



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