10 Gift Ideas for Taurus

Happy Birthday Taurus! The Sun is in your stars, the sign of The Bull, until May 20. Taurus is a dependable, loyal, down-to-earth and sensual sign ruled by Venus. Collectively, we’ll all be feeling the slow jam of Taurus energy, taking time to smell the flowers and enjoy the pleasures of nature, fine food, and each other (hello spring fever!) We’ll want to indulge in both comfort and luxury. Security will be on our mind. Productivity and focus will come easily now, as long as it’s steady-footed, not the warp drive energy of the previous sign, Aries. Determined Taurus gets shit done, but on their schedule 😉 The Bull has a reputation of speaking truth bluntly and being, um, headstrong (and during Taurus season, we’ll all kinda be like that). This is where the fine art of compromise comes in: both parties need a win-win. Because ultimately, that’s what Taurus energy is about ~ cultivating a high quality, happy, smell-the-roses, fulfilled life for everyone! Below, I’ve curated a list of 10 gift ideas sure to please our excellent Taurus friends. (p.s. The delightful picture of the bull peeking through greenery in Spain is courtesy of pixabay.com)

Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles

Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles, by BatchConfectionery on Etsy

You just know these truffles will guarantee a smile 🙂 Sweet and deep with a little kick, just like your beloved Taurus! (extra points for including a bottle of their fave red wine)


Raw Emerald Stud Earrings 

Raw Emerald Stud Earrings, by DANIBARBEshop on Etsy

Emerald is the birthstone for May. It’s known as the stone of hope. She’ll love these raw emerald earrings because they’re practical with boho chic style, and they’re real fucking gemstones. There’s nothing artificial about a Taurus. Feel free to dance in your chair or strut around the room while listening to Patti Labelle and Mariah Carey slay a version of the 1978 hit “Got to be Real“.


Pink Pom Pom Charm

Pink Fox Fur Pom Pom Charm, by FurPomPoms on Etsy

Pink is the power color for the Taurus woman. She’ll go gaga for this glam pom pom bag charm handmade from genuine fox fur. Yaasss, queen!


Star Sign Art; Digital Art Print for Taurus

Digital Art Print for Taurus with Poppies by BreakfastJones on Etsy

Poppy is the power flower for Taurus. The flower’s motto is “I provide beauty to your senses.” This digital art print is a perfect reminder to indulge our sensual side, frequently.


Red Poppy Flower Bobby Pins

Red Poppy Flower Bobby Pins, by InspiredGreetingsAD on Etsy

These pretty red poppy flower hair accessories will delight Taurus ladies of all ages! Handmade from red taffeta and black lace, the bobbies are sweet for everyday, special occasions, or channeling Frida Kahlo.


Irish Coin Keepsake Bracelet

Irish Coin Keepsake Bracelet, by QuirkyGirlWorkshop on Etsy

Why am I including this leather and Irish coin bracelet in a Taurus gift list? Wait for it…


Reversible Irish Coin Keepsake Bracelet with Bull (Taurus gift), by QuirkyGirlWorkshop on Etsy

…the bracelet is reversible with a bull on the other side of the coin! Way cool gift for Taurus.


Air Plant in Cholla Wood

Air Plant in Cholla Wood, by RootBotanical on Etsy

Taurus peeps groove on trees, gardens, flowers, plants and growing greenery. Gift them a hassle-free “Fasciculata” air plant in a unique Cholla wood holder. Cholla Wood is the skeletal remains of the Cholla Cactus, a sustainable resource found in the high desert of the Southwestern U.S. (and it’s a conversation piece too!)


Therapeutic Bath Salts

Therapeutic Bath Salts, Earth Element, by TheVenusInAquarius on Etsy

What could be more grounding than a sea salt bath? These therapeutic bath salts are handmade with ingredients to evoke the Earth element of Nature. Soaking in a natural sea salt bath will promote stability, abundance, and a deep connection to our Mother Earth.


Travertine Natural Stone Coasters with Taurus Symbol 

Travertine Stone Coasters with Taurus Symbol, set of 4, by DenverCoasterCo on Etsy

These stone coasters + favorite beverage with your favorite Taurus = a very Happy Birthday!


Pink Rhodonite Stone Sphere

Pink Rhodonite Stone Sphere, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Rhodonite is a modern alternative birthstone for Taurus that’s gaining popularity. Rhodonite is known as a stone of acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. This high quality rhodonite sphere has natural deep pink color with black manganese veins. Simply holding this stone ball promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being!

How’s Mercury Retrograde been for you? The middle of the week brought the middle of the retrograde (Mercury and the Sun were conjunct). We’re half way through, hang in there 🙂 Mercury turns direct on May 3. Today (4/21) Mars enters the sign of Gemini and will stay there through June 4. This energy will have us dreaming up new ideas and projects, engaging in mind stimulating conversation, and make us way more curious and inquisitive. Curb sharp tongues during this Mars time, words could turn into weapons. Mars will make us highly adaptable to any changes. If you find yourself on edge, try creating with your hands; play a video game or musical instrument; work a puzzle. Gemini rules the hands, and channeling the intense Mars energy through our hands can be very therapeutic right now.

Earth image, courtesy of NASA

Earth Day is Saturday April 22. Do you have any plans? Please comment below! We’ll be tending our garden and going “Forest Bathing“. Have you heard of it? Scientists suggest that when we walk in the forest for a couple of hours, our immune function and mental health increase from breathing in the forest air that’s full of beneficial bacteria, plant-derived essential oils, and negatively-charged ions. Happy Earth Day to all! Thank you for reading!



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2 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Taurus

  1. DAYAN

    As usual, terrific gift ideas and new places to explore (web surfing)!
    Absolutely enjoyed idea of forest bathing and yes there is truth to “hugging a tree” is a healthy thing to do!
    Thank you for a delightful tour!
    Happy Earth Day!

    • So glad you enjoyed this post! Hope you had a Happy Earth Day and got a chance to hug a tree 🙂 Thank you for the fun comment Dayan!

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