Virgo Full Moon Magick (and a bath spell!)

“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” – Frank Lloyd Wright. The Virgo Full Moon occurs Sunday March 12 at 10:54 AM EST, igniting our yearning for Spring flowers, mild, sunny days, and baby bunnies. March’s Full Moon has several names: traditionally it’s been called the Full Worm Moon, the time when hungry robins and migrating birds reappear; the Sap Moon, marking the time of the annual tapping of Maple trees; for gardeners, the Seed Moon; and the Storm Moon, for obvious reasons 🙂 This March Full Moon highlights the potential of the seed ~ we’ll be thinking of gardens (both the outdoor ones and our inner landscape ones), mulling over what we need to sow and cultivate for a later harvest. It’s time to clear away clutter, old growth, and negativity so that inspiration, new ideas, and abundance can grow. Major energy will be swirling around the areas of health, pets, finances, and work. Virgo is a meticulous and organized Earth sign, and this moon can provide the catalyst to tackle your taxes, tidy the house, or whip up a healthy make-ahead meal to eat all week. Here’s a freezable recipe for bell peppers stuffed with white beans, spinach, and turkey:

Bell Peppers stuffed with White Beans, Spinach and Turkey by

If you can get outside, do so! It’s a splendid time to take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, prepare the garden, and rejoice at the returning perennials. You’ll feel energized engaging with Nature, and She’ll be delighted to participate with you! Daylight Saving time begins on Sunday too, and we’ll be excited for the longer evenings.

Make time for self-care today. Begin your morning with warm lemon water to re-hydrate the body and flush metabolic waste from the kidneys. Lemons contain Vitamin C and antioxidants; hello immune system boost! Full Moons tend to bring up emotions and the inner-workings of our psyche. The Virgo Moon/Pisces Sun axis throws a spotlight on the mind-body connection ~ how are your thoughts affecting your body?

Be mindful of your thoughts today and be aware of how your body reacts to worry, sadness, anger; happiness, joy, love. Extend this awareness to the news, social and entertainment media, and people. As much as possible, steer clear of negativity, toxic thinking, and processed foods. Drink more tea. This full moon is a gift from the Universe, a reboot to get your mind and body dancing holistically as one and hit the road running when the Sun goes into Aries at the Spring Equinox (March 20). Nature is getting ready for rebirth and perfect balance, and She wants you along for the ride! (For you folks down under, get ready for going inward, and you’ll need to be balanced for that ride too. Nature is a complicated gal!)

A Cleansing and Relaxing Bath Spell

Bath spells are an easy and relaxing way to do a little magick (note: you don’t need a tub. This magick works in the shower too). First, burn some incense, play some relaxing music, and prepare the space in the bathroom. In honor of the big round moon, break out some white candles, white flowers, white seashells, white towels, white soap… you get the idea 🙂 Stand in the tub/shower and dry brush the skin, starting at the feet and moving up towards your heart (no brush? use an old washcloth). Rinse, soap up with a clean sponge/washcloth, rinse again. Dry off and drink a glass of water. If you have plain yogurt on hand, squeeze a little lemon and honey into it and rub that into your face, or use your favorite mask. While the facial is working its magic, run the bath. Pour in 1 cup of Baking Soda (to alkalize) and 1 cup of Epsom salt (for minerals), maybe some essential oils or chamomile teabags. (If you’re doing the shower thang, soak your feet in a pan with the above fine stuff, but decrease it to 1/4 cup of each) Wash off the mask. Get in the tub or take a long shower.

A candlelit soak

You might be wondering when the magick is gonna start. Darling ones, you have been working magick! Everything is energy, and if you’ve been practicing for awhile, you realize the magick is in the details and is much more mundane than most would believe. It’s a lifestyle, a way of being, and sometimes it comes wrapped in glitter and a unicorn kiss. Anyway 🙂 Immerse yourself and let the bath/shower water infuse you with its comforting, safe, soothing vibe. Indulge your senses with the warm water on your body, the fragrant smells, the music, the flickering of candlelight. Check in with yourself: what are you thinking? what are you feeling? what’s going on with your body?

Think of something you would like to release; for example, a bad habit, an unreliable friend, or a stressful situation. Do not judge or beat yourself up over it. Now, think about how good it will feel have it gone from your life. What word/s come to mind to describe this new life?

While thinking of the thing you want to release, cup your hands full of water, pour it over your head and say “I release (this thing)!” Do it three times. Relax for a bit, and really feel all the feels of what it will be like to have (fill in blank) removed from your life. Can you feel it, baby?

Now think about the words that came to mind describing your new positive life. Again, cup your hands full of water, pour it over your head and say “I am (free; peaceful; sober; happy; whatever word you thought of to describe your life without that negative thing! in it) Baptize yourself three times with that blessing. Relax. Know it will happen, know that it is happening. Groove on the sweetness that you and the Universe just co-created some righteous juju while soaking in the tub (or taking a long-ass shower)! Thank God/dess, Source, the Great Spirit, the Universe, and blow them a kiss. When you get out of the tub, the real work will begin. There’ll be tests and whatnot, but hold steady and remember that fucking great feeling of release. You got this.

p.s. If you can’t do this ritual today, no worries, the full moon’s influence is with us ’til Tuesday. I leave you with some wisdom from the Moon:

Advice from the Moon

The featured image of the full moon was courtesy of 🙂 Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this post! ♥ xoxo ~ Amy

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