Gift Ideas for Sagittarius

The Sun cantered into Sagittarius on Nov. 21st, sweeping in the Centaur’s optimistic, philosophical, good-will-towards-all attitude. Collectively, we are SO ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Holidays! These next few weeks will have us anticipating adventures and travels, perhaps to other cultures; get-togethers with friends and family; and discussions that will expand our consciousness regarding belief systems and ideologies. This season also brings a feeling of unity with our human family; find some quiet time and meditate on peace and joy to the world. ♥ I’ve curated a list of gifts for our Sagittarius friends who encourage us to shoot for the stars ~ Happy Birthday Sag! The image above is the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer) from NASA.

The Great Outdoors is a constant call to Sagittarians. Hiking, camping, long walks, or just chilling outside by an open fire makes them happy. Gift them these eco-friendly fire starters and tell them to pack their camping gear, ’cause adventure awaits!

Eco Friendly Fire Starters, by doublebrush on Etsy


Do not tell them the destination, no matter how much they cajole. They enjoy the surprise of the journey more than the details. On the road, hand them their second gift, a paracord survival bracelet. They’ll know you care.

Paracord Survival Bracelet, by coloradoparacord on Etsy


Upon arrival, give them the task to pop up the tent (they’ll be restless after the ride and will need to move around) while you break out the third gift, a cast iron campfire stand with BBQ grate and handle (bonus: the stand is crafted with horseshoes, and their mythological symbol is the Centaur, omg!) Fire up the grill!

Cast Iron Campfire Stand with BBQ Grate & Handle, by BlacksmithCreations on Etsy


You might be thinking, it’s almost freakin’ December, camping? As I write this post (11/20), it is an amazing 65 degrees here in Northern New Mexico. Taos Ski Valley normally opens on Thanksgiving, but due to the unusually warm weather patterns, they’ve been forced to delay opening day until December 15th. TSV is asking on Facebook to post your best snow dance for a chance to win a one night stay at The Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley 🙂 OK, let’s say camping is not happening in your neck of the woods. Give them the camping gifts anyway and promise to hit the road after the Spring thaw. Another option? Fly, baby! Buy them a plane ticket (again, no clues as to touchdown) give them this handcrafted leather bag, pack and go!

Weekend Travel Leather Bag, by NadiraBag on Etsy


Want to roam closer to home? Sagittarians will be just as giddy if you gift them a constellation keychain handmade from sustainable wood and ask them to drive to their favorite restaurant, dinner’s on you!

Sagittarius Constellation Keychain handmade from sustainable wood, by WindyCityHardwoods on Etsy


Another wanderlust idea: gift this unique resource book for travelers who crave adventurous and far-flung trips. The stunning photography and creative travel ideas will give a Sagittarius hours of entertainment dreaming about new bucket list goals!

Journeys of a Lifetime – 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips by National Geographic


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of higher learning, morals, philosophy, spirituality and religion. It also bestows good fortune, benevolence, and wealth, both material and ethereal. Gift your Sag gal pal these cool Jupiter earrings for good luck!

Jupiter Earrings, by ThePendantGarden on Etsy


Turquoise is the birthstone for December. Sagittarians don’t go much for glitzy-glam jewelry, but they do like statement pieces. This hand forged sterling silver ring showcasing a rare Nevada turquoise is just the thing. The sides also have engraved arrows, a perfect talisman for our archer friends to keep aiming for the best.

Hand Forged Sterling Silver Nevada Turquoise Ring, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Give these colorful Kandi bracelets to Sag teens, they’ll secretly think you’re cool.

Kandi bracelets, set of 10 by NaturalAndFab on Etsy


Sagittarians love figuring out how the mind works and what makes people tick. This book will delight the curious Sag with accessible text, graphics and illustrations to explain the complex foundations of psychology.

The Psychology Book – Big Ideas Simply Explained


Astro-Vibe of the week:

Chris & I were researching the astrological currents of the coming week, and it’s looking a bit bumpy 😮 On Thanksgiving Day, Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, presenting an obstacle, or hurdle to overcome. This is the first of 3 squares between these two, and the energy lasts until August 2017. Jupiter, the planet of expansion in the house of justice and human rights clashes with Pluto, the planet of hidden power in the house of organized government. Opinions regarding the 2016 election are likely to fuel turkey dinner conversations, which could lead to indigestion. The Sagittarius Sun is an impulsive influence, and rash words may be spoken that we’ll regret later.  Feel free to consider other celebration options, if family dinner seems too volatile.

Mercury is busy making the rounds this week as it sextiles Jupiter on Tuesday (11/22), conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius on Wed (11/23), and trines Uranus on Saturday (11/26). The aspect with Jupiter often brings good news and possible business opportunities, sometimes involving travel. During the Thanksgiving holiday, Mercury brings in the energy of the Saturn and Uranus trine that will last until Nov. 2017. This fire trine brings stimulating creative changes to the old stable structures in your life without overturning the apple cart. Some of us experienced these changes back in Sept. 2009 when Saturn opposed Uranus, and this trine is a time when those changes become integrated into our lives. Mercury will bring us communications about how the old structures of our life are blending with the newly evolving ones. Mercury’s trine to Uranus heightens our intuitive abilities and often brings insights, breakthroughs, and solutions to long standing problems. To gain the most of this transit, stay open-minded to new and different ideas that come your way. When Mercury joins Saturn, our critical thinking is sharpened, so we’ll also have the ability for detailed planning or tasks that require precision, but watch out for nit-picky arguments and general pessimism.

The Moon will be travelling through its last quarter this week, becoming new next Tuesday (11/29). That means it’s time to wrap up projects that were initiated over the past 2-3 weeks and prepare for the Sagittarius New Moon cycle.

Stay calm this week, and look for those unexpected opportunities and breakthroughs that can open up in 2017. A heartfelt Thank You to our readers and Earth and Sky Alchemy supporters! Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, many blessings to you!


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  1. Dayan

    Well done Amy! Factual and entertaining – an unbeatable duo. The gift suggestions were “right-on” for Sagittarius and their myriad interests. A free – (shopping for the right gift) adviser – wow – thank you !

    • Thank you for the complimentary comment, I appreciate it! Happy to hear you enjoyed the “personal shopper” post! 🙂

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