A Burning Ring of Fire, a T-Square, and Mercury Retrograde, oh my…

Heavy planetary action comin’ up, y’all! September 1st is a New Moon in Virgo, it’s a Solar Eclipse, plus the Sun/Moon conjunction opposes Neptune and squares Saturn in a T-square alignment. Stay flexible! We’re going to be pulled every which way but loose. The Sun and Moon’s burning ring of fire will amplify the energy of the Saturn/Neptune square (which will culminate for the third and final time on September 10). In the sky, the Sun and Moon will be hanging together on the Earth’s horizon, and across from those two on the opposite horizon is Neptune. Saturn is hovering directly above (or below, depending where you at) and forming the 90 degree “T”. The Sun represents our ego; the Moon, our emotions; Saturn is time, structures, and boundaries; Neptune’s energy is elusive, amorphous, and free-flowing. A square creates friction between these two different energies. So on the New Moon our egos and emotions will be aligned, helping to put our feelings into action and goals into reality, but we will be challenged by rigid, structured beliefs (either from another or our own) and opposed by delusions and self-limiting thought patterns (again, either from our heads or the larger world). What to do? On this New Moon, make magick and set your intentions to choose love over fear and hate, forgiveness over blame and guilt, and trust over worry and anxiety. Bust out the pink candles (unconditional love), the blue candles (forgiveness), and the white candles (for clarity, luck, and good stuff). Relax in a purifying, soothing tub of bath salts, lavender and chamomile:

moon ritual bath salts
Ritual Bath Salts, conjured and charged by HagRoot on Etsy


Sip a cup of cinnamon or spearmint tea with honey. Burn rosemary, dried apricot, peony, spearmint, and rose petals. Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Amber, and Rutilated Quartz are the stones to have on hand:

smoky quartz crystal
natural smoky quartz point from Brazil, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Scry the interior of this Golden Rutilated Quartz sphere for flashes of insights to the future.

Rutile Quartz sphere
Gold Rutile Quartz sphere, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Slip on these handmade earrings of Amber and Rutile Quartz before the New Moon ritual.

amber and rutile quartz earrings
Handmade earrings of natural amber and rutile quartz, EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy


Always remember though, YOU are the magick. It doesn’t matter if you have all, one, or none of these accoutrements in your arsenal ~ your power is your mind, heart, hands, and intent. Yes, herbs, stones, incense and candles lend a magickal oomph and easily take our mind and body to a receptive, alpha state. But bottom line, it’s our energy that enlivens the intent in the magickal land of alpha. Visualize, feel the changes you wish to make, know it will happen ~ that’s the magick. Spells done during eclipses are particularly potent. Make a note to review the spell on March 12, 2017 at the corresponding Full Moon in Virgo ~ I’m betting you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the magickal manifestations you made! ♥

Yesterday (8/29), Venus entered Libra’s domain. The planet of love will be blessing relationships with her sweetness for nearly a month. In business and pleasure, prepare to cooperate, communicate, and collaborate. We’ll also be drawn to art and music, culture and cuisine, beautiful clothes and trendy jewelry. Today (August 30) Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo for three weeks. In my previous post I gave you a heads up to tie up loose ends regarding transportation, communication, appointments, and any documents that needed to be signed. This retrograde also coincides with the New Moon in Virgo, giving us the drive to amp up our game plan regarding health, work, routines, and acts of service. Run from any tendencies towards perfectionism or criticism this month (a Virgo trait gone south). That attitude will derail the best of plans, so lighten up and/or avoid those caught in the snare of unhealthy motivation. September will also be a terrific month for intensive research. Any subject your heart desires to investigate, dive in and get to know every nuance, aspect and tidbit about it. Our detective side will be fine tuned and we’ll be able to sleuth out all the details. On September 2, Mercury in Virgo aligns with Jupiter in Virgo. This can bring major news or communication. If you need to make a decision, wait a few days to gather more information.

New Moon Blessings! Be gentle with yourself and others this week. For those of you in the U.S., have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! I leave you with Wall of Voodoo’s unique cover of “Ring of Fire” ♥

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