Happy Aries Season ~ Spring into Action!

Happy Birthday Aries! The Spring Equinox has arrived, heralding the shift from winter to spring with longer days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. The dormant trees and grasses begin to emerge filling the landscape with multi shades of green. We’re busy prepping the veggie garden and thanks to the unusually warm season, we’ve already been […]

Spring Equinox Eggstravaganza!

Spring Equinox is a beloved and highly anticipated time of year for nature lovers and pagans, a promise that our coming days will be filled with more warmth and sunshine, greenery and colorful blooms. The day represents harmony and balance, a turning point from inward contemplation to outward endeavors and growth. This year the equinox arrives on March 20 […]

Welcome Spring and Happy Birthday Aries!

The Vernal Equinox is today, ushering in Spring, Aries season, fresh beginnings, longer days and nature’s renewal. Equinoxes happen twice a year, and it’s the only time when the sun rises due east and sets due west all across the globe! According to astrology, when the Sun crosses into Aries the “New Year” starts and a fresh trip around the […]