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Happy Birthday Pisces! The Sun slipped into the sign of the Fish early Saturday morning (2/18). For the next few weeks, we’ll all be feeling the Pisces vibe. Compassion and selfless acts of service will abound, imagination and intuition will soar, sensitivity and empathy towards others will be foremost in our minds and hearts. Pisces is a dreamy, creative, otherworldly soul, inclined to deep emotion and contemplation. Greek and Roman mythologies of Pisces are thought to have originated from Syria, where fish were considered “divine”. The nature of Pisces is spiritual and has the ability to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world. The Age of Pisces saw the rise of many religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. If the constellation boundaries defined by the International Astronomical Union are correct, the Age of Pisces started in 68 B.C. and the Age of Aquarius will begin in 2597, when the vernal equinox point moves out of the constellation of Pisces and into Aquarius; however, there are differing opinions as to when this transition will actually happen. Listed below are 10 gift suggestions to celebrate the sweet souls of our Pisces sisters and brothers!

Organic Girls Galaxy Dress

Organic Girls Dress with Galaxy Stars, by SewnNatural on Etsy

A Pisces child will adore daydreaming in this midnight blue dress of galaxies and stars! It’s soft, eco-friendly and made with organic knit fabric.

Pisces Constellation Pendant Necklace

Pisces Constellation Pendant Necklace, by OnTheWrist on Etsy

A unique, out-of-this-world gift she’ll treasure for a lifetime: a completely hand-fabricated sterling silver and diamond pendant necklace. The Pisces constellation is made with colored diamonds in a gypsy set, and two white diamonds in star settings.

Pisces Watercolor Print

Pisces Watercolor Print, by LunaBrieArts on Etsy

Art and creativity are Pisces’ jam, and they’ll flip over this gorgeous watercolor and ink print of their mythological symbol!

Vintage Pisces Fish Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver and Enamel Pisces Ring, by OldMexicoSilverShop on Etsy

Pisces also enjoy wearing art, like this vintage sterling silver and enamel fish ring, made in Mexico by Jeronimo Fuentes.

Pisces Indigo Eye Shadow

Pisces Indigo Eye Shadow, by ZodiacKillerCosmos on Etsy

And they enjoy being a work of art. (If you noticed a blue theme here, it’s because Pisces ♥ the ocean blues. Peacock colors and shimmery metallics also look well on them).

Seashell Mermaid Crown

Seashell Mermaid Crown, by wildandfreejewelry on Etsy

Pisces secretly think their lineage is from the Merpeople, or Faeries, perhaps the Pleiades (it’s possible!). So they will really, really dig this Galaxy Mermaid Crown, handmade with an assortment of cream, brown and white seashells!

Aquamarine Crystal Soap

Aquamarine Crystal Soap, by TailoredSoap on Etsy

As a water sign, most Pisces consider showers and soaks in the tub as one of their hobbies. Gift them these little handmade “aquamarine” crystal soap gems for a fun scrub! (Bonus: the soaps get all sparkly when in use!)

Aquamarine Earrings

Long Aquamarine Earrings, by RobinWoodard on Etsy

Aquamarine is the birthstone for Pisces. She will love these long handmade aquamarine gemstone earrings with their boho elegance and subtle edginess.

Bejeweled Flask

Jeweled Stainless Steel Hip Flask, by cocoandcoffeetoo on Etsy

Did you see Rihanna sipping on her flask at the Grammys this year? (yep, she’s a Pisces!) Your fun-loving Pisces friend will be ready to party when you gift her this stainless steel flask adorned with vintage jewelry (and filled with her favorite happy juice, of course!)


Pisces Incense, by divinescentsations on Etsy

Pisces is a sensuous and meditative sign, and these double dipped incense sticks of amber and sandalwood will take them to nirvana.

Speaking of Nirvana, did you know today is Kurt Cobain’s birthday? The iconic rocker would have been 50 years old. Put on your headphones and listen to this acoustic version of “All Apologies“.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share! xoxo ~ Amy


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4 thoughts on “Gifts for Pisces

  1. Dayan

    Hello Amy
    Another great post – informative and entertaining.
    All about my best GO-TO-FRIENDS!
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Dayan! Pisces are known for being wonderful, sweet friends!

  2. I feel blessed to be included with these talented artists <3 Thank you!!

    • My pleasure Debbie! 🙂

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