Winter Decorating with Crystals, Stones, and Minerals

Today is the first day of Winter! Do you like to decorate your house with the seasons? Quartz crystals and mineral specimens can mirror the sparkle of winter (without the chill factor!), and they are currently a popular design trend. Natural stones elegantly bridge the look of rustic and refined. The lovely shimmer of rock crystal adds a dash of luxury to the home or office. A few specimens can make a big design impact and work with nearly every style. Some people collect crystals for their calming properties and positive vibe energies; others are fascinated by the geology and history of the stones. They truly are works of art made by Mother Earth! I chose some pieces from our shop that remind me of Winter with its glittering, icy beauty. The rare white “poker chip” calcite specimen above can be found here.

Some of the most beautiful rock crystals in the world come from the U.S., like this large Arkansas quartz crystal cluster. The one of a kind specimen has tabular crystals, key crystals, and double terminated quartz points with beautiful natural facets and clear tips that look like icicles!

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Pair two different stones together to create a unique look, like this rare Scolecite needle crystal cluster…

Rare Scolecite Needle Crystal Cluster, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

… with this Bullseye Malachite mineral specimen and boom! instant wintergreen decor with cool texture to boot!

Natural Bullseye Malachite Mineral Specimen, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

A sure conversation-starter: a Blue Chalcedony stalactite covered with tiny frosty-white Okenite needle crystals!

Blue Chalcedony Stalactite with White Okenite Needle Crystals, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

You know how you wish you could scoop up fresh snow and bring it inside to admire its sparkly goodness permanently? Your wish is granted in this large mineral specimen plate of Apophyllite cube crystals and white “snowballs” of Gyrolite crystals! 🙂

Large Apophyllite and Gyrolite Crystal Cluster, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Early today (12/21), the Sun entered Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year. Crackling fires, candles, and whimsical twinkle lights represent the Sun and its promise to return with its warmth and life-giving radiance. This is the time of year to go inward, reflect, rest, let go of non-essentials, make those resolutions and plan for the New Year ahead – renewal is on the horizon! The colors for celebrating Yule are red, green, silver, gold and white. The sacred herbs used at this time for incense, decoration, and cooking are: holly, evergreen, mistletoe, frankincense and myrrh, nutmeg, rosemary and sage. The power stones to wear or work with are emerald, diamond, bloodstone, and ruby.


Wishing you the warmest of Holiday Blessings, with much merriment, love and peace! Thank you for reading, and we’ll catch up with you in 2017!




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One thought on “Winter Decorating with Crystals, Stones, and Minerals

  1. Dayan Cameron

    Hi Amy

    What a wonderful article about crystals and stones for Christmas! It would be hard to choose to “spice” up my Christmas decor. Speaking of spices – it was good of you to name the Christmas spices to use with renewed reverence for the season. My favorite spice for Aroma therapy is Frankincense.

    Thank you for the lovely and informative article. Happy Solstice to you!

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