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Happy Birthday Scorpio! The Sun entered your enigmatic, passionate sign the evening of October 22nd. For the next few weeks, emotions will run deep, mysteries will be pondered, obsessions will run rampant, and uninhibited sex will have our heads spinning! Scorpio is ruled by fiery Mars and transformative Pluto. It’s a creative, resourceful, dynamic and magnetic sign associated with healing, sex, family legacies, and death. The dark side of Scorpio has a tendency to be suspicious, jealous, judgmental and resentful. Yet one of the gifts of Scorpio season for all of us is the ability to transform (or come to peace with) our inner “dark side” (Yo, Halloween! This all metaphysically ties together folks). Carl Jung coined it our “shadow”, a conglomeration of stuff about ourselves that we don’t want to deal with or ‘fess up to. Which brings us to Scorpio’s exalted symbol (yup, the only sign that has more than one): the mythical Phoenix, the beautiful bird that transforms and resurrects itself from the ashes of its mistakes, shame, and guilt. Deep stuff. Here are ten gift ideas for our shimmering Scorpio loved ones:

Not much fazes a Scorpio, not creepy-crawlies or bumps in the night. Give them this real black scorpion specimen, and they’ll know you get them.

Real Scorpion Specimen, by geoevo on Etsy


Scorpios are the zodiac’s natural born rebels. These black “REBEL” pencils will add an edgy touch to an office or studio and bring a sly smile to a Scorpio’s face.

Black Rebel Pencils with gold foil, by Miss24Prints on Etsy


Scorpios like their treats with a little kick. Gift them these cinnamon barley candy stars to suck on for the heat and sweet mash-up.

Cinnamon Barley Candy, by APocketFullofSweets on Etsy


He’ll dig these silver scorpion cufflinks, they’re unconventional and wicked cool ~ just like him!

Silver Scorpion Cufflinks, by Lynx2Cuffs on Etsy


This. Amazing. Coat. The ultimate accessory for the sexy rock star Scorpio in your life.

Long Mens Faux Fur Coat, by BOHOcoats on Etsy


Scorpios love lingerie (and sex, duh) especially if it has a bit of kink to it (both the lingerie and the sex). Give them these handmade peek-a-boo black mesh panties and ask them to put them on. Now.

handmade black mesh peek-a-boo panties, by LoLeviLa on Etsy


Scorpios are usually mad for coffee. Impress them with this hand-roasted artisan coffee blend with notes of molasses, dark chocolate and dried apricot. Mmmmm!

Hand Roasted Artisan Coffee, by OldTownRoasting on Etsy


Scorpios are creative souls. A gift of botanical cocktail bitters and a bottle of spirits will have them happily crafting their own flavored liquor! The set below has orange, grapefruit, lemon, allspice, and juniper berries.

Botanical Cocktail Bitters, by ThatstheSpiritShop on Etsy


Citrine is one of November’s birthstone. This unisex boho pendant necklace is perfect for festivals and every day wear. Citrine is said to elevate energy, vitality and self-confidence.

Wire Wrapped Citrine Pendant Necklace, by BrookstoneCottage on Etsy


And for the uber-spiritual Scorpios, a dramatic shoji style wood table lamp with a laser cut Phoenix Rising on it!

Phoenix Rising Accent Table Lamp, by LaserDesignEngraving on Etsy


On to the astrology highlights for this week! (In case you haven’t read our bio, my partner and I have been studying astrology for over 20 years, and these are our own interpretations of the planetary transits). On Monday, October 24, Mercury entered Scorpio for three weeks. Communication will be on the intense side with strong opinions and deep emotions. Conversations will also be intimate, and sometimes, borderline salacious. Today (10/25), Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, and tomorrow, Venus sextiles Jupiter in Libra. The former might make us feel romantic and imaginative, and the latter is good for business and getting together with friends. On October 27, Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts the Scorpio Sun. Minds will be sharp, communications abound, and the day will feel charged with discoveries and breakthroughs. On Friday, October 28, Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. People will feel rebellious, and will be actively seeking creative change against restraints, authority figures, and oppressive situations. The more conscious awareness you have of the areas in your life that need to evolve or change, the less disruptive this transit will be for you. On Saturday, Venus in Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn in Sag. It’s a good day for a Halloween party, you’ll have fun decorating yourself and your house for Halloween. Also a great day to cook scrumptious food! Sunday the 30th is an alchemical, transformative Scorpio New Moon. Make wishes (intentions) on themes of collaboration, intimacy, sexuality, metaphysical and occult subjects, psychology, inheritances, power and transformations. Also on that day, the Moon joins Mercury in Scorpio and trines Neptune in Pisces, making us mystical, sensitive, creative, and artistic. It will be a beautiful time!

Hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share! Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween!


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2 thoughts on “Gifts for Scorpio

  1. Dayan Cameron

    Hello o o o o! Scorpio!
    I had no idea HE was so flirty/sexy. Wow, where can i find these captivating souls?!
    This post was extremely entertaining and the gift ideas are fabulous! Thank you for the fun and info!

    • Well, the company that designed the coat the model is wearing is based in San Francisco CA, so you might find him there, but I can’t guarantee he’s a Scorpio, haha! Thanks for your fun comment, glad you enjoyed the post Dayan!

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