Happy Sagittarius Season ~ Live Your Dreams!

The Sun changes astrological signs today and enters into jovial Sagittarius! Traditionally this is a season of gathering, sharing, and celebration. As Thanksgiving nears, it’s time to share the bounty of this years harvest. It’s also a time to share ideas and experiences from our travels and adventures of the past year.

New Minerals & Crystals

Our passion for minerals and crystals led us across the country, and across the world via cyberspace, seeking out Earthly treasures for our collection and our Etsy shop. Here’s a few pics of the cornucopia of beautiful stones and crystals we found and will continue to be listing in the coming months:

Earth and Sky Alchemy Minerals and Crystals 2019


Earth and Sky Alchemy Minerals and Crystals 2019


Earth and Sky Alchemy Minerals and Crystals 2019


Earth and Sky Alchemy Minerals and Crystals 2019

Making Dreams Reality

Sagittarius is an expansive sign of lofty visions and dreams. Open mindedness and deep philosophical thought are Sagittarian traits that lead to personal growth. This is a time of year to look within, find what lights your fire, and bring it into reality!

Hubble photo of stars in the Sagittarian region, NASA

We created this inspirational montage by combining a Hubble photograph of the stars in the Sagittarius region of the sky with a quote that has been attributed to Les Brown, and used by many other motivational speakers including Norman Vincent Peale. If you dream big and aim high, you’re bound to succeed! In Les Brown’s book “Laws of Success: 12 Laws That Turn Dreams Into Reality” he lays out 12 important guides to help achieve your dreams. Follow these and the sky’s the limit!

#1 Listen to your heart

#2 Leverage your gifts and talents

#3 Let go of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

#4 Locate your team members

#5 Lift up your mind with self-development

#6 Leave all negativity and toxins behind

#7 Follow the success trails that others have paved before you

#8 Leap and grow your wings on the way down

#9 Create multiple streams of income

#10 Light up each room as you enter

#11 Lead by serving the needs of others

#12 Laugh out loud and enjoy every moment

We wish you all success in making your dreams real and finding happiness along the way! We are very grateful to all of our blog readers, Etsy customers, and everyone that has supported our dreams of making our small business a reality! Thanks so much, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and joyous Holiday season!


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