9 Gifts for Aquarius (instead of 10, because why be normal?)

Happy Birthday Aquarius! The Sun entered the sign of the Water Bearer today, jump starting 4 weeks of innovative and original thinking, activism for social justice and humanitarian causes, and eccentricity! Aquarius is ruled by oddball Uranus, the only planet in our solar system that spins on its side. Surreal situations may become the norm; just keep in mind Hunter S. Thompson‘s words, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” 🙂 Aquarius also rules technology, so if you’re in the market for an upgrade in electronic or computer equipment, the next four weeks will favor that activity. Most of all, try something new during Aquarius season. Uranus is the planet that urges us to step outside our comfort zone, because those actions are the ones that help us to evolve and grow the most (and that is Aquarius’ jam!) ♥ I’ve curated a list of birthday gifts for our awesomely unique, independent, progressive Aquarian friends! The pic above is the Helix nebula, also known as the “Eye of God”, located in the constellation of Aquarius.

Handcrafted Amethyst and Sterling Silver Necklace

amethyst and sterling silver pendant
Handcrafted sterling silver and amethyst necklace, by Q2jewelrycollection on Etsy

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius. This sign adores unique adornments, such as a handcrafted sterling silver necklace with amethysts galore! The purple gemstone is said to emit a positive, loving energy that calms the mind.

Tarot Card Deck

Tarot Card Deck
Indie Tarot Card Deck, by CityMystic on Etsy

Aquarians love art and the esoteric. Combine both and gift them this full-size indie tarot card deck of original photography that contains all the Major and Minor Arcana and includes a descriptive companion book based upon New York City’s architectural history and contemporary tarot meanings.

One Shoulder Top

black one shoulder top
Black long sleeve one shoulder top, by CodeDesignItems on Etsy

The Aquarius woman prefers modern, trendy clothing, and one shoulder tops are the next big thing for 2017. This long sleeve asymmetric top will be her go-to for multiple outfit ideas!

Mens Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat
Mens pork pie hat, by KatarinaHats on Etsy

The Aquarius man is not afraid of offbeat fashion and will often be the one wearing the cool and unusual, like this pork pie hat, made famous in the 1940’s by Jazz and Blues musicians in New Orleans.


Lyxpro headphones
LyxPro HAS-10 headphones, Amazon.com

Speaking of music, Aquarius has the most eclectic collection you’ll probably ever see (this includes people with Aquarius Rising or Moon). Gift them these headphones so they can immerse themselves in their own soundscape. (p.s. my husband has this pair and loves the quality sound, comfort, and affordability)

Gold Foil Engraved Pencil 

Stay Weird engraved pencil
Stay Weird gold foil engraved pencil, by PurpleTreeDesignsUK

The only thing predictable about an Aquarius is their unpredictability. Celebrate that uniqueness with these STAY WEIRD gold foil engraved pencils!

Avant-garde Coffee Mug

one of a kind twisted coffee mug
Avant-garde coffee mug, by ZpotteryWV on Etsy

Of course Aquarius enjoys a good cup of joe. They will get a kick out of drinking from this twisted-looking coffee mug while checking their emails.

Small Batch Roast Coffee

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
Roasted Peaberry Coffee from Tanzania, by PinebrookRoasters on Etsy

While you’re at it, gift them a bag of roasted Peaberry coffee beans from Tanzania. Aquarius loves to try new things, and this coffee has a fruity sweetness with hints of chocolate and cinnamon. Bonus: 10% of sales goes to charity, and you know Aquarius is down with that.

Ammonite Fossil Shell

large ammonite fossil shell
Huge Ammonite Fossil Shell, by EarthandSkyAlchemy on Etsy

Natural history intrigues Aquarius. This huge nautilus fossil shell is millions of years old, and has been cut and polished to show the beautiful hidden interior. Fossils represent time, eternity, and evolution, topics the Aquarius likes to ponder.

And I’ll wrap this up with a song 🙂 Global-minded musician Bob Marley was an Aquarius. How well do you know your American history? Buffalo Soldier

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this post! xoxo ♥ ~ Amy

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