Welcome Autumn ~ Ideas to enjoy the Fall season!

There is something special about all the seasons, but Fall is my favorite ~ brisk air coupled with sunshine, colorful leaf displays, apple cider, pumpkins, and the chance to slow down and begin the journey of inward exploration. The Autumn Equinox was Friday September 22, a time of equal day and night. Fall is the perfect time to […]

9 Gifts for Aquarius (instead of 10, because why be normal?)

Happy Birthday Aquarius! The Sun entered the sign of the Water Bearer today, jump starting 4 weeks of innovative and original thinking, activism for social justice and humanitarian causes, and eccentricity! Aquarius is ruled by oddball Uranus, the only planet in our solar system that spins on its side. Surreal situations may become the norm; just keep […]

Spiritual Gift Ideas

December includes a wide variety of multicultural Holiday celebrations: Hanukkah; Christmas; Bodhi Day; Kwanzaa; Yule; Omisoka; the Winter Solstice, just to name a few! Spiritual gifts are sweet ways to honor the season and your awesomely diverse friends and family. The picture above is one of our original photos of Taos Mountain, a very spiritual and sacred […]

Gift Ideas for Sagittarius

The Sun cantered into Sagittarius on Nov. 21st, sweeping in the Centaur’s optimistic, philosophical, good-will-towards-all attitude. Collectively, we are SO ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Holidays! These next few weeks will have us anticipating adventures and travels, perhaps to other cultures; get-togethers with friends and family; and discussions that will expand our consciousness regarding belief systems and ideologies. This season also […]

Halloween Party Ideas! (Part 1)

“What makes night within us may leave stars.” – Victor Hugo. Halloween brings to light our dark side, inner badass, witch, sexpot, queen, clown, alien, superhero, spirit animal… virtually any fantasy we wish to explore. Planning for the costume party is half the fun! So if you’re throwing a monster mash, passing out sweets, going to a bash, or just […]